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Date: Aug 29, 2018 Category: Knowlege Base
Summary: outdoor camping light,Ultrafire hand-cranking charger

Outdoor camping light


Nowadays, outdoor sports have become a hobby of many people. Common outdoor sports include hiking and hiking. Outdoor sports must be prepared for overnight staying. For example, it is normal to set up a tent or camp on the mountain. The most essential equipment is the camping light. As for the role of the camping light, there is no need to say more, but Ordinary camping lights need to be recharged beforehand, and today, Ultrafire new camping light can refresh your traditional perception.


Although it is called a camping light, it can also be used as a flashlight and a warning light. Users can switch it according to actual needs. This way, even in the jungle night, you are not afraid to get lost, not only that, but also Supports three charging methods, which can be charged by solar energy in sunny weather. It can also be charged by manual hand crank in case of bad weather or emergency. Of course, if conditions permit, you can also use USB. . For these three different charging methods, many people may want to know the second hand-cranked charging method. Compared with the other two methods, the hand-cranking method is more convenient outdoors.

In fact, this method of hand-cranking is really simple and convenient, because it only takes 1 minute to shake for 1 minute, which means that as long as you keep shaking it, it will always generate electricity. With other charging methods, it only takes seven hours to fully charge. Not only that, you can charge your portable electronic products while charging it, and its waterproof and drop-proof is also very good, and can adapt very much. Large temperature difference. Whether it is in a cold or hot environment, it can work freely. It is said to work normally between minus 20 degrees and 70 degrees.

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    -------- G Bergkvist

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  • Your flashlights are just amazing! Brightest light I have ever seen in my life and beautiful quality construction. I just placed another order for my family, will buy more for friends and family. Please please keep providing this world your wonderful products.

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  • Super high beam. Small enough to put in purse or deep pocket but with very strong beam. Long lasting batteries. My grandson loved it so much, he wanted another one to have one in car and one in house!

    -------- NDR

  • The flashlight is very bright compared to ones I've bought in stores and for half the price. I love that it's rechargeable and comes with different cords depending on your charging preferences.

    -------- Countryboy333

  • Excellent light,batteries,charger. I'm buying this same 502b for 4 yrs, giving old F-lights to friends & family, excellent for self defense, carry it on my belt loop all the time.

    -------- Enzo

  • So far, this thing is BRIGHT. I'm talking, able-to-see-it-on-a-sunny-day bright. It was also a pleasant surprise to see that it came with a spare battery. I'm taking it camping this weekend, so if I have any problems with it, I will update.

    -------- Mike "The Hurricane" Simpson