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what is the red light on a flashlight for?

Date: Aug 30, 2018 Category: Knowlege Base
Summary: what is the red light on a flashlight for?Ultrafire Red light flashlight has super long wavelength and strong penetrating power, which is your best choice.

what is the red light on a flashlight for?


Red light is more popular in outdoor people, like many European and American countries prefer hunting, so red light flashlight is more popular.

What is special about red light? There are two kinds of photosensitive tissues in the human retina: pyramidal cells and rod cells. The pyramidal cells distinguish the color and the rod cells distinguish the contours.The reason why humans can produce no color perception is the pyramidal cells in the retina. Many animals have only rod cells or few pyramidal cells, resulting in color insensitivity or even no color perception.Many prey under the guns of European and American hunters are such animals. They are particularly insensitive to red light. When hunting at night, they can use red light flashlights to find prey, but the prey is unconscious, which greatly improves the efficiency of hunting.


Outdoor enthusiasts rarely have a hunting experience, but red light is still a very useful light color for outdoor activities. The eye has an adaptive feature. When the illumination color changes, the eye needs an adaptive adjustment process to adapt. Adaptability is divided into two types: dark adaptation and bright adaptation. Dark adaptation is a process from light to dark, which takes a long time. Bright adaptation is a process from dark to bright, which takes a short time.If we use white light flashlight for outdoor activities, it will be dark adaptation when the line of sight changes from bright to dark. It takes a long time, there will be a short "blindness", and red light takes a short time in dark adaptation. It is a good way to avoid the short-term "blindness" problem, let us better treat our eyes and maintain good night vision when we are at night.Red light can also be used in astronomical observations.

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